Family Office Service

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We offer family office services for family offices and foundations. Our service scope is as follows:

Evaluation and Analysis on Portfolio

Due Diligence on Investment

Review on Tax and Legal Scheme

Business Consulting

Advice for Family Member Education

What family offices do — and where additional input pays off

When your family’s wealth is at stake, you want to do everything right. This is precisely where we come in. We support you and your family office in all areas by providing you with answers to the most important questions:

  • How can family wealth best be preserved and increased?
  • When does outsourcing services make sense?
  • How can the family best monitor success?
  • What expertise should the family’s most important decision-makers have access to?
  • Which strategy is the most effective for charitable activities?
  • Which internal and external risks should be avoided, and how?
  • What costs are to be expected?

What to think about before you act: three steps to your own family office

Our services are designed to support your wealth manager and the advisory team you already have in place. If you have not yet established a family office, we will be happy to take care of the process for you — from concept through to setup.



  • What visions and expectations does the family have?
  • Who are the beneficiaries of the family office?
  • What does the family want to achieve?
  • What portion of the family’s wealth is to be managed by the family office?
  • What services are to be provided, and for whom?



Develop a detailed business plan. This includes determining:

  • The most suitable location
  • The services to be provided (e.g., wealth, management, succession planning, charitable purposes, personal services)
  • The employee talents required
  • The infrastructure needed
  • Capital requirements
  • Operating costs
  • Measureable benchmarks
  • Financing



  • Commence family office operations
  • Measure results against benchmarks
  • Review all areas regularly, including family mission statements, business plan, advisory or investment committees, infrastructure and technology
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